Our practice is equipped with the latest in dental technology to help you obtain the perfect smile.
same day dentistry, e4d

The E4D Dentist system is an easy-to-use chairside CAD/CAM system that is revolutionizing modern dentistry. With it's ability to create same day crowns, inlays, onlays, and veneers, the E4D Dentist system provides patients with extraordinary convenience and without messy impressions or temporaries. The end result is a natural esthetic look without the wait.

The E4D Dentist system can offer you an unparalleled dental experience, enabling us to provide you with a high quality dental restoration in a single appointment.
dexcam 3Dexis Dexcam 3

When you have X-Rays taken in our office with the award winning DEXIS Dexcam 3 system, you won't have to wait for X-Ray film to be developed. You'll immediately see a digital X-Ray image on a large-screen computer, very near the chair you're sitting in. There's no waiting for film to be developed, so you don't waste your time. Even more importantly, digital radiography exposes you to up to 90 percent less radiation than traditional film X-Rays do. It's much safer than the old technology. And with this important new tool, you'll be involved in treatment planning much more than before.

One of the technological innovations we've pioneered is our e-mail confirmation system. I've had so many patients tell me just how effective it is and how much they appreciate it.

With this system, you'll receive an e-mail message 30 days before your appointment reminding you of the date and time of your next visit. Then, four days prior to the appointment, you'll receive a second confirming e-mail and if you prefer even a text message , just to make sure. If there are any questions about your appointment you can simply respond by e-mail and let us know. Or you only need to click on CONFIRM to let us know that you are coming. It's another way we've found to keep the focus of the practice on your convenience.

Allows for fillings without anesthesia. This is a soft tissue surgery with very little bleeding and quick healing to get you smiling in no time.

To create those beautiful smiles we have all the most recent tools to make your smile dreams come true. We also offer whitening in office and at home.

Our dentures are flexible and natural looking with out the metal or bulky feel.